The Providential Co. logo bears the symbol of Hope – the anchor, along with the greatest Commandments above and below: Love God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul and with all thy mind, and love thy neighbor as thyself.


Our Story

Providential Co. is a little shop in Texas that seeks to share the truth of the Gospel through thoughtfully designed and crafted goods and gifts.

This budding venture is the passion project of Tricia Hope Dugat, a graphic designer, wife, mom and adult convert to the Catholic faith. For years Tricia has wanted to bring together her sixteen years of design experience with her education in theology, and she founded Providential Co. with the hope of sharing the beauty of Christianity and providing customers with quality and craftsmanship.

Our little family-owned and operated shop asking for your prayers and intentions that we may serve God in all that we do, every day. 

God Bless + + +

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